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It's About Teaching Children the Fundamentals

Teaberry Hill Woodworks is a family owned business which sells affordable precut shop project kits to Virginia's schools and other businessed throughout the country!! We also sell to youth groups like churches, 4H groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other organizations that have and can provide proof of tax exempt status. These kits are designed to assist shop teachers in teaching basic woodworking and metal working skills at all levels from middle school to college. Some kits are designed to teach math and science skills and can be aligned with Virginia's SOL's.

Each project kit has been carefully developed using 5 principals in mind. These are detailed below.

Student Safety

The projects are designed to minimize safety risks to the student while at the same time teach skills for shop success. When the projects are precut, the only skill the student is not receiving is the skill of sawing.

Student Success

Many of the kits are designed so that students can produce a quality project which should help build self confidence. Early success in the construction of shop projects is important for the students to continue in a vocational program and may possibly lead to a vocation. Taking home a quality project is also excellent for school / parent / student relations.

Teaching Skills

Each project kit is designed to focus on a specific shop skill and/or use of equipment. The instructors should adapt the kits to best fit their situations. I do not send a detailed set of directions for this reason. The information sheet contains the facts needed to construct the project but not the procedures or the equipment to be used. I personally deliver the kits to first time customers and will meet with you individually to answer any questions.

Affordable Cost

I have tried to keep the cost per kit affordable, while at the same time provide a quality product allowing organizations to purchase in quantity. You should be able to use nearly 100% of the stock I send. Few sawmill operators or lumber retailers will be able to make the same claim. I send a free instructor's project kit to first time customers, and send approximately 3% extra in case a part is not usable or cover student mistakes. Since prices are so low, items we sell are not intended for resell.

Saving You Time

Precut project kits allows teachers to give each student the materials they need to construct the project from the very beginning. Each kit contains all the materials needed to construct the project including the wood or metal stock, hardware, and an information sheet for the instructor. The teacher will not need to go pick out your lumber at the retailer, plane, joint, and rip the boards, and pick up the hardware. It is all delivered to you. The precut kits also reduce the time required in the shop to assemble the project.

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Teaberry Hill Woodworks is a family owned business, providing wood & metal project kits and wood identification samples to schools, churches, 4H groups, Boy & Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations.

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