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CAN-SPAM: TeaberryHillWoodworks.com Anti-Spam Policy

TeaberryHillWoodworks.com maintains and uses a company-wide opt-out list. All emails are cross checked against this list before we send them out. We do not allow clients to send questionable or offensive material.

The following are considered deceptive e-mail marketing practices.

Under CAN-SPAM, the following we DO NOT do and is officially illegal

  • Falsifying headers (the part of an e-mail message that specifies where it came from)
  • Using deceptive subject lines to trick people into opening messages
  • "Hijacking" other peoples' email accounts or computers to send spam
  • Creating e-mail or IP addresses specifically to send spam
  • Sending unsolicited email with sexual content
  • Sending e-mail to people who've requested to be removed from our or a client's list
  • Neglecting to include a physical mailing address in commercial email messages

The following are considered best practices

  • We do not break any of the above rules
  • We use a footer in emails that allow recipients to opt out of future emails
  • We keep a company wide DO NOT EMAIL list
  • We honor all requests NOT to use an email address
  • We use a "Closed-Loop Authentication" opt in method requiring the customer to confirm via an email message link for all records which we process on our servers and maintain

Customer Signup Policy

When a customer requests to purchase from TeaberryHillWoodworks.com they are required to register using an access code our staff will provide and a valid email address. Upon completion of the online customer registration, we send an automated message to verify the customer's email address. The customer is required to respond to this Activation Email to verify they maintain ownership of the email account. This activation is required before we accept orders from the new customer. Customers are given the opportunity to request our automated email system to resend the Activation Email. Once the customer has activated their account we no longer send this email.

Dealing with Recipient or ISP Complaints

When a complaint is received the following process is initiated:
  • Every complaint that is received is reviewed by TeaberryHillWoodworks.com management.
  • If the email address of the complainant is known, it will be immediately DO NOT EMAIL list and they will be notified that their email address has been removed. If the complaint came via an ISP or other organization, they too will be notified of the action taken.
  • TeaberryHillWoodworks.com management will lock the list from further submissions until a review has been performed. Our compliance department will review the email's source with the customer and may terminate the customer's account if reason for termination is found. Termination could be necessary if the customer is not able to provide documentation that outlines the legal acquisition of the email address in question.
If you have received an unsolicited email from a TeaberryHillWoodworks.com client from the domain of TeaberryHillWoodworks.com, please contact Support@TeaberryHillWoodworks.com.

Teaberry Hill Woodworks is a family owned business, providing wood & metal project kits and wood identification samples to schools, churches, 4H groups, Boy & Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations.

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