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W131  Wood Identification Flag Stand

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Each kit includes and a general information sheet.

Focus Skill:

Basic Wood Identification

General Shop Skills:

  • Measuring
  • Drilling
  • Finishing
  • Math skills
  • Some sanding may be necessary.


3/16" twist drill bit, hand drill or portable electric drill, sanding block with sandpaper, bench rule.

Preferred Wood:

The species of wood to be used with this kit includes, yellow poplar, black walnut, black cherry, white pine, oak, and eastern red cedar. An equal number of each species will be sent based upon the quantity of kits

Recommended Grades:

Grades 6-8

General Information:

This project is designed to aid in teaching the basic principles of wood identification to middle grade students This kit can be used in conjunction with the wood identifications set W130. Math skills such as perimeter, surface area, volume can also be taught . The wood blanks can be cut into triangles and  circles to also teach circumference, and right triangle etc. and still be glued together as a flag stand. Minature state flags and organizational flags can be purchased from a different vendor to enhance this project. Each kit includes 3 wood square wood blanks (3”, 4”, and 5”), and a minature American flag,

Items/parts not individually wrapped or packaged.

Teaberry Hill Woodworks is a family owned business, providing wood & metal project kits and wood identification samples to schools, churches, 4H groups, Boy & Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations.

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